Stirrup bending machine 6-16 mm with PLC system, bending steel bar 16 mm, Bending stirrup,FOB 43000 USD


Stirrup bending machine 6-16 mm, auto stirrup bending machine 6-16 mm, bending steel bar , coil steel bar , bending 6 mm and cutting 6 mm , Bending shape stirrup

This automatic rebar stirrup bending machine adopts encoder controlling system. Automatically accomplish the functions of rebar’s feeding,straighten, bending and cutting


  1. Bending for many shape as your required.
  2. It is very easy for using PLC system
  3. It is very quick for bending and cutting
  4. Automatic feeding
  5. Automatic control diameter and angle distance]
  6. High speed , high performance ,easy operated ,and modern design



Bending capacity 6-16 mm

Stirrup size 10-90 cm

Bending shape  square, rectangle, circle , spiral, straight , L , U

Bending Speed 9 M/min

Hydraulic Tank 60 L

Bending bending for 10×10 cm = 8 PC/MIN

Bending for footing size 30x30x30 cm = 4 pcs/min

Voltage 380 V

Motor 10 HP

Dimension 750x2500x1200 mm

Weight  650 kg


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